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The end of an era for Jon Stanbrough... 


Special season ahead for Jon Stanbrough as we prep the cars for what we hope to be a successful year!


After over 38 years of racing Jon has decided this will be his last full season of racing.  Now, we are not calling this Retirement because as most of you are aware, a driver can never really retire from this career.


Jon Stanbrough is one of the best in the business and has many records and achievements to show it.  He has had a very rewarding career with many, many  great memories!  The support from fans and sponsors has been overwhelming and is what keeps a driver going.  We are not saying that after this year you will not be seeing “The Bro Show” in a sprint car, but it could be few and far between.  Being the final season for Stanbrough merchandise, we will have some special designs for all of our fans.


The cars this year will look a little different as we will be going back to the very first 81 design that Jon started with.  This car design will be exciting for many that have watched him over the years and will take them back to those first races.  This is always a hard decision for a driver to make, but we are looking forward to what life will continue to offer.   Our plan is the same as every year prior, to run as many races as possible and to travel when able for our fans.  We so greatly appreciate our sponsors who come back year after year to support us and make this possible.  Team JSR will not be in Florida this year which was a planned decision, but will be ready when April rolls around.  Jon will running other sprint cars at non-sanctioned shows as well as he has done in the past.  We look forward to seeing all of you and sharing in this special season. 


Happy Racing

Jon, Melinda and Team JSR


-  2013 MSCS Champion

-  2012 MSCS Champion

-  6 Time KISS Champion 
-  2006 & 2010 Indiana Sprint Week Champion
-  2 Time Kokomo Speedway Champion
-  2 Time Valvoline Cup Champion

- 5 Time HARF Driver Of The Year
-  2011 Inducted Into HARF Hall Of Fame
-  3 Time Bob Darland Memorial Winner
-  2007 National Non-Wing 410 Dirt Driver Of The Year

-  2006 National Non-Wing 410 Dirt Driver Of The Year
-  3 Time Robbie Stanley Memorial Winner
-  2002 & 2007 Tony Hulman Classic Winner

Jon Stanbrough